JASC, JBAR, and JAAC host farewell reception for Consul-General and Mrs. Ito (February 9, 2017)

                                                          JASC President Heather Alcott                           JBAR President Suzue Sato
                                                           JAAC President Calvin Hada                           Consul-General and Mrs. Ito
     On February 9th, Consul General and Mrs. Ito attended a farewell reception in their honor at the home of the President of the Japan-America Society of Colorado. The reception was jointly hosted by the Japan-America Society of Colorado (JASC), the Japanese Business Association of the Rockies (JBAR), and the Japanese-American Association of Colorado (JAAC). Officials from each organization expressed their gratitude for Consul General and Mrs. Ito’s outstanding service and disappointment for their departure. Consul General Ito declared his most sincere gratitude for the support of the activities here at the Consulate in Denver, and stated that he is very pleased he was able to contribute to the strengthening and advancement of Japanese/Colorado relations.