Consul-General Ito views “Persona Non Grata” at Denver Jewish Film Festival (February 16, 2017)

     On Thursday, February 16th, Consul-General Ito attended the screening of Persona Non Grata (also known as Sugihara Chiune) at the Denver Jewish Film Festival. The festival was held in at the Mizel Arts and Cultural Center in Denver from Wednesday, February 8th through Monday, February 20th.
     The film is about the achievements of Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara whose humanitarian views prompts him to issue visas for Jewish refugees escaping persecution during World War II. This was the first time the film was shown in Denver and the theater was at full capacity with 400 viewers. At the end, the film received a grand ovation from the audience as many people were deeply moved and impressed by the story. After the screening, Consul-General Ito offered remarks on the goodwill between Japan and the Jewish community followed by a talk session with film director Cellin Gluck. The talk session turned into a lively question and answer session about the life and career of Chiune Sugihara.