Farewell Reception hosted by Consul General and Mrs. Ito (February 17, 2017)

                        Greeting from Consul General Ito               Greeting from Consul General Ito            Remarks from Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne
                                               Toast by Consular Corps Dean Juha Makikalli               A view of the venue

     On Friday, February 17, 2017, a farewell reception hosted by Consul General and Mrs. Ito was held at a local hotel in Denver. An estimated 260 people were in attendance, including Colorado’s Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne, other local government officials, members of the Colorado Consular Corps, and other related parties.
     In a warm greeting, Consul General Ito expressed his pleasure that alongside such broad-minded and wonderful local individuals, he was able to contribute to the advancement of Japan-Colorado relations.
     Representing the state of Colorado, Lt. Governor Donna Lynne expressed her thanks to the Consul General for his efforts in strengthening relations with Japan and celebrated his accomplishments by reading aloud a state government proclamation declaring February 17, 2017 as “Consul-General Makoto Ito Day.”
     Honorable Consul Juha Makikalli, Dean of the Consular Corps of Colorado, observed that Consul General Ito is ardently devoted and proactive in his service as a diplomat. Honorable Consul Makikalli then proposed a toast in Consul General Ito’s honor.