New Year Greeting from Consul-General Midori Takeuchi

Midori Takeuchi Consul General
Greetings, and a Happy New Year 2020 to all in the Rocky Mountain region.

In this New Year, I would like to renew my sincere appreciation to all of the Japanese residents and American citizens in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming who have shown outstanding cooperation and support over the last twenty-one years since this office opened in 1999.  The Consulate General of Japan in Denver will continue to dedicate itself toward supporting Japanese residents and companies in the area, as well as toward promoting strong relations and increased exchange between Japan and this beautiful Rocky Mountain region.

In Japan last year, a new emperor was crowned as Emperor Naruhito succeeded his father Akihito, beginning a new imperial era called “Reiwa”, which means beautiful harmony.  In 2020, as the second year of Reiwa unfolds with the start of a new decade, we are excited to be the host country for the Olympic Summer Games from July 22nd through August 9th, and the Paralympic Games from August 25th to September 6th.  Attention from around the world focused on Japan will highlight our growth and development on the world stage.  This year is also significant as it commemorates the 75th anniversary since the end of World War II, and the 60th anniversary of the amended US-Japan Security Treaty signed in 1960.  And finally, as the new US-Japan Trade Agreement between the US and Japan took effect on January 1st of this year, political and economic relations between us continue to strengthen even further.

Here in the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado and Takayama, Gifu will mark their 60th anniversary as sister cities, while Longmont, Colorado and Chino, Nagano, as well as Frisco, Colorado and Nishikawa, Yamagata will observe their 30th year of sister city relations.  I would like to express my profound respect to the many people who have nurtured these long and mutually beneficial exchanges.  The anniversary celebrations this year offer a wonderful opportunity to further promote friendship and understanding between Japan and the Rocky Mountain region.

Over a year has now passed since I arrived in Denver on November 27, 2018. Through my contact with the people of this area, I have been impressed with the amazing and warm hospitality found here.  I have felt a strong affinity toward Japan and high expectations for working together, along with renewed energy and happiness as I experience the natural beauty of this region.

Once again, the Consulate General of Japan in Denver will continue with its best efforts to promote mutual understanding at the grassroots level, toward deeper economic ties and overall exchange between Japan and the Rocky Mountain region. In the pursuit of this goal, I will devote myself together with my staff, to offer a Consulate that is open and helpful to everyone.  I welcome your candid opinions about the role of our Consulate and its service.

My very best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2020.

Midori Takeuchi
Consul-General of Japan in Denver 
January 15, 2020


Mar 1982 Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Law, specializing in Political Science

Career Summary
Apr 1982 Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Language and Area Specialist
Jun 1985 Posted to the Embassy of Japan in Singapore
Apr 1988 Officer in the Language Section, Foreign Service Training Institute
Feb 1992 Vice Consul, Consulate General of Japan in New York
Oct 1997 Deputy Director, Domestic Public Relations Division
Nov 2000 Deputy Director, International Energy Division, Economic Affairs Bureau
Aug 2002 Deputy Director, First North America Division
Jun 2005 Principal Deputy Director, Asia-Europe Cooperation Division
Apr 2007 Principal Deputy Director, Domestic Public Relations Division
Sep 2010 Deputy Consul-General, Consulate General of Japan in Detroit
Apr 2013 Director, Office of International Affairs, Research and International Division, Secretary General’s Office, Board of Audit
Apr 2016 Senior Director of Operations, Foreign Service Training Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nov 2018 Consul-General, Consulate General of Japan in Denver