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Minato - Learn Japanese and interact with fellow students around the world online. With Minato, our constant goal is to continue to develop the most inspiring Japanese courses. Let Minato be the place you start your Japanese language and cultural exchange journey.
Minato offers various online Japanese courses:

Japanese Learning Websites

https://nihongo-e-na.com/jpn/Portal for Learning Japanese NIHONGO eな
This site has easy-to-follow explanations about websites and smartphone apps that are useful for learning Japanese. It supports Japanese learners of all ages and levels around the world who use the Internet to learn and enjoy Japanese language.

You can practice "real-life" Japanese with images, videos, and conversations. Find out more about society, everyday life and culture in Japan!

Erin's Challenge! "I can speak Japanese." Contents Library
This site provides videos and related teaching materials set in Japanese high school life. Through this site, you can slowly increase the amount of "things you can do" in Japanese with confidence, and experience a variety of Japanese culture.

Japanese in Anime & Manga
This site makes Japanese learning fun using anime and manga. You can learn the variations in Japanese language through the characters and genres of anime and manga, as well as expressions you won't can't find in textbooks or dictionaries.

Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese
Through this site, the learner can engage in a wider range of Japan and Japanese language by reading articles and watching videos that center around 12 topics of interest used as themes, such as Music, Sweets, Temples & Shrines, and others. You can also experience being able to understand and use Japanese with an A1, A2 level of proficiency.

Nihongo de Care-navi
You can look up nursing or healthcare-related vocabulary for when when you may need them, including basic words for when working in a medical or care facility, communicating with colleagues, and useful terms for while living in Japan.

Japanese Learning Apps

You can learn hiragana, katakana, and kanji in a fun way using mnemonic pictures, quizzes and games. Even in environments where a computer is inaccessible, any mobile device can be used to remain in touch with Japanese language for just a short time or while on the go. You can download this app for free from the webpage below.

Challenge with Erin – Japanese Language Test
This free app is a fun way to study beginner-level vocabulary and expressions through card games, manga, and quizzes, and can also be used to check how much you have retained. This app is also suitable for those who have not yet learned kanji, hiragana, or katakana.