Aurora City’s “A Day in Japan” event (Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6, 2022) 


On Friday, August 5th and on Saturday, August 6th, Aurora Japan Committee hosted “A Day in Japan”, supported by the Office of International and Immigrant Affairs at the City of Aurora.


At the opening ceremony on August 5th, Mayor Coffman and other representatives participated in Kagami Biraki (Breaking open a cask of sake). During Mayor Coffman’s remarks, he pointed out the cultural diversity in the City of Aurora. Attendants enjoyed the Japanese cultural exhibitions such as sake-tasting. Consul-General Mikami was invited and participated in the ceremony as well.


During the main events on August 6th, a mixture of traditional and modern Japanese culture was showcased, including: food, song and dance, along with several cosplayers present at the event. The event was well attended and successful. Consulate Officials such as Deputy Consul-General Azechi attended on Saturday.