46th Denver Red vs White Singing Contest (January 28, 2023) 





On Saturday, January 28, the 46th Denver Red vs White Singing Contest was held at the Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple (TS/DBT). The Singing Contest has a long history.


The 46th Singing Contest was held in person for the first time in three years.


The Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple, Nikkeijinkai of Colorado, and Uta Gassen Executive Committee co-sponsored the event. The cooperation of the sponsors as well as the efforts of many volunteers made it possible.


After greetings from Mr. Tanaka, Chairperson of the Executive Committee, Mr. Berve, Former President of the TS/DBT, and Reverend Hayashi of the TS/DBT made welcome remarks. The judges for the Singing Contest were introduced to the audience. The singing contest proceeded with the Captain Beecken, the Red Team Captain Katahira, and the White Team Captain Yoshida.


Many people visited and enjoyed the Singing Contest. The White Team won this year. Gifts from the Japanese Business Association of the Rockies and from others were presented to the singers.


Some members of the Consulate-General participated in the Contest, as singers as well as a judge.


The 46th Singing Contest was a great success and many people enjoyed it.