Mile High JACL “Day of Remembrance 2023” (February 19th, 2023)


On February 19th, Mile High JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) hosted “Day of Remembrance 2023” at the History Colorado Center in Denver.

“The Day of Remembrance” has been held to remember Executive Order 9066 during World War ll, which forced many people to be evicted and relocated to internment camps.

“Day of Remembrance 2023” was proceeded with a greeting and introduction by Mr. Dylan Mori, President of Mile High JACL and followed by a keynote speech by Mr. David Monkawa.

The Consulate-General of Japan in Denver was invited to “Day of Remembrance 2023” and MIKAMI Yoichi, Consul-General of Japan in Denver, and FURUTANI Keiko, Consul attended.