Delegation from the City of Takayama in Gifu visited Denver




On Thursday, July 2, 2015, a delegation from the City of Takayama that included Mayor Kunishima and City Council President Nakata attended the 55th Denver-Takayama Sister City Anniversary Ceremony, to which Consul General and Mrs. Ito were invited and also attended. During the ceremony, both the Mayor of Takayama and Denver Mayor Hancock’s representative expressed their appreciation for the 55-year relationship, and hope to continue friendly relations between the two cities. Consul General Ito remarked that the long relationship has contributed greatly to maintaining and developing relations between Colorado and Japan, and that he has high hopes for the continued relationship between Denver and Takayama. After the ceremony, the Takayama delegation gave a musical performance and yukata fashion show. The Denver side also gave a musical performance, making the ceremony a grand celebration. 


On Friday, July 3rd, Consul General Ito invited Mayor Kunishima and City Council President Nakata to the Official Residence where they exchanged ideas and opinions on future exchanges between Denver and Takayama. The Mayor and President said they would like to conduct human, cultural, and economic exchanges, to which the Consul General replied that the Consulate would like to cooperate with them in that matter


On Saturday, July 4th, along with the visiting delegation, Consul General and Mrs. Ito attended a Japanese cultural event organized by the Takayama delegation at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. A great number of people attended the festival, which included a musical performance by the delegation, a yukata demonstration, wood block printing, and origami lessons.


Top 5 pictures: Takayama-Denver 55th Sister City Anniversary Ceremony
Middle 3 pictures: Opinion Exchange with Mayor Kunishima and City Council President Nakata
Bottom 4 pictures: Cultural event at Cherry Creek Arts Festival