Conferment Ceremony of Japanese Imperial Decoration to Mr. Ronald Otsuka (July 29, 2015)


A conferment ceremony in honor of Mr. Ronald Otsuka (Former Curator of Asian Arts at the Denver Art Museum) was held at the Consul General's Residence on July 29, in which Mr. Otsuka received the Imperial decoration "The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays" from Consul General Ito.  About 20 people attended the ceremony including his family members, friends, representatives from Denver Art Museum and Japanese American community.

After Consul General gave a congratulatory speech, Mr. Otsuka explained his background history and his career promoting Japanese art in the Denver Art Museum which was led to today's imperial decoration award, and expressed his appreciation to Japan.

Mr. Tom Whitten, Vice President of the Asian Art Association to the Denver Art Museum, gave a congratulatory remarks on behalf of all invited guests.  Ms. Emma Bunker, Research Consultant in the Denver Art Museum, made a congratulatory toast for Mr. Otsuka.

Picture Caption
1.Consul General Ito made a congratulatory remarks
2.Mr. Otsuka with decoration
3.Conferment ceremony attendants