Consul General attended Colorado Japanese Language Education Association (CJLEA) Workshop (September 26, 2015)


Consul General Ito attended the Colorado Japanese Language Education Association (CJLEA) Workshop at Metropolitan State University on Saturday, September 26, 2015. In his remarks, the Consul General said that Japanese education is not limited to only language but also includes culture and lifestyle. He mentioned that Japanese education promotes mutual understanding and friendly relations between Japan and the U.S., thus making teachers of Japanese extremely important. As a result, the Consulate General wishes to support Japanese education is as many ways as possible.

For the event, after an announcement was made regarding CJLEA's operations, workshops were held by Professor Hideko Shimizu of Kaetsu University in Tokyo and Mr. Yo Azuma, a teacher from North Salinas High School in California. There were many attendees, making the event a success.