Reception held for military personnel that were stationed in Japan(February 17,2016)

On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, a reception was held at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs for military personnel and their families who were stationed in Japan. Approximately 60 guests attended the event. Consul-General Ito gave the opening greeting in which he mentioned Japan-U.S. relations and the importance of cooperation between Japan and the U.S in national security. He also expressed gratitude towards the U.S. for Operation Tomodachi that provided aid relief after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Base Commander Colonel Douglas Scheiss offered a moment of silence in his greeting for the victims of the earthquake and mentioned that Japan-U.S. cooperation on national security is more important now than ever before. Sergeant Nathan Henry, who participated in Operation Tomodachi, shared his memories of working together with the Japanese counterparts at the time and of being stationed in Japan. Also among the guests were Vice Commander Colonel Eric Dorminey and Mr. Larry, representative of Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers. The event was a success and Consul-General Ito thoroughly enjoyed hearing the guests' stories about their time spent in Japan.