Consul General attends 5th anniversary event for Great East Japan Earthquake(March 11, 2016)


On Friday, March 11th, the Sakura Foundation organized an event to remember the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 at a church in Denver. Consul-General Ito and his wife and more than 200 people including Japanese-Americans and Japanese nationals in this region attended the event.

Mr. Gary Yamashita, CEO of Sakura Square LLC, said in his remarks that this event was not only for remembrance but for the recognition of reconstruction efforts. The Consul-General expressed his gratitude for the holding of this event and thanked the concerned organizations and people from the State of Colorado again for their assistance at the time of need in Japan 5 years ago. The Consul General also explained the current reconstruction efforts in the affected area.

During the event, a representative of the organization that supports the reconstruction made a presentation and a local chorus group sang a song to honor those lost in and affected by the tsunami.