Consul-General receives U.S. Department of State Foreign Missions Regional Director from Houston(July 21, 2016)

On Thursday, July 21st, Consul-General Ito received a courtesy visit from Mr. Nicholas Papp, Regional Director of the U.S. Department of State Houston Office of Foreign Missions and Mr. Sean Waters, Special Agent at U.S. Department of State Denver Diplomatic Security Service.

Mr. Papp explained each office plays a role in which the Houston Foreign Missions Office assists with the activity of foreign missions residing in its jurisdiction and the Denver Diplomatic Security Service secures the safety of foreign missions in its jurisdiction.

During their talk, Mr. Papp and the Consul-General exchanged opinions about the handling of large-scale emergency situations, the structure and handling method within the U.S., and providing and confirming the security of Japanese nationals. By the end, they reaffirmed future close cooperation that includes emergency situations.