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JET Program General Information

About JET

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program seeks to help enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other nations. The program also aims to improve foreign language education in Japan and to encourage international exchange at the local level.

The JET Program is administered by several different Japanese governmental departments, although upon acceptance into the Program, participants are actually employed by their contracting organizations (CO). COs can range from town offices, to local boards of education to individual schools. As local government employees, JET Program participants are covered under the Japanese health care system, just as other Japanese citizens.

The JET Program offers competitive and dependable salaries, comfortable living accomodations, and superb support prior to departure, while in Japan, and upon return through the various JET Alumni Associations around the world. JET participants have the chance to become an integral part of the community fabric of their Japanese "hometowns". In addition, Japanese language correspondence courses are offered to participants while on the Program. Although Japanese is not a requirement to participate in the JET Program, we encourage JETs to learn as much Japanese as possible prior to departure and while residing in Japan, as it allows for a deeper level of communication and stronger personal connections to be formed on both sides.

Positions Offered

All positions offered are in various locations throughout Japan, although there are more positions in rural areas versus urban areas. The JET contract is a one-year contract, potentially renewable for a maximum of up to five years of employment. Applicants must at least hold a Bachelor's degree as of July 1, 2015 to apply for and participate in the 2015 JET Program Year. The JET Program works on an annual cycle. If you will not have your degree by the above date, you can plan to apply to the JET Program for the departure year that fits with your graduation schedule.

Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

Assigned to local boards of education, elementary, junior high and/ or senior high schools, assistance in: English language education, preparation of teaching materials, participation in the classroom, participation in local international exchange activities. ALTs are not required to have Japanese language abilities or teaching certifications.

Coordinator for International Relations (CIR)

Assigned to town halls or other Japanese governmental institutions, assistance in: projects related to international activities, English language instruction, planning of and participation in activities engaging in international exchange, exchange activities related to cross-cultural awareness. CIRs should be confident in their Japanese language communication abilties, including spoken, reading and written Japanese at about the N2 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2) level.

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