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JET Interview Process

Upon review of your paper application at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C., select candidates will be invited to interview. To find out if you have been invited to interview, please check the Embassy of Japan JET webpageOpen in new window. Instructions on how to determine if you have moved on to the interview phase and how to locate your JET Program application ID number are posted to that website as soon as the information becomes available. Please be patient, as they review thousands of applications.

Candidates who have successfully moved on to the interview phase of the application process will be interviewed at a predetermined time and location on one day during the interview period. Interviews are conducted over a period of a few days, but candidates will only be interviewed ONCE during this time period. There are not multiple interview phases.

An average of 80-100 candidates are interviewed annually through the Consulate-General of Japan in Denver. Interviews are conducted both in Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT in late January / early February.

Candidates who have moved onto the interview phase of the selection process and have requested to be interviewed in Denver or Salt Lake City will receive detailed instructions and information from the Denver JET Program Office. This information is sent out via email, so please be sure your spam filters allow email from our office ( to come through. Every year we have candidates who miss crucial pieces of information due to spam filters.

There are many online resources for preparing for your JET interview. Please take into consideration the source of the information. While some forums and websites have very helpful information, others may not be so accurate. There are no official JET Program-sponsored websites to help prepare you for interviews, but please keep in mind this is a professional interview for a professional job. You should treat it as such.

CIRs will have a Japanese language assessment component to their interview. The best way to prepare for a CIR interview is to brush up on your Japanese by:

- Reviewing and learning new kanji
- Reading Japanese newspapers and magazine articles
- Taking the practice JLPT tests (there are several resources online and you should strive to be equal to level 2)
- Take sample Japanese exams from the MEXT scholarship applicant Japanese tests (MEXT Scholaship webpage: Examination QuestionsOpen in new window)


If you have questions regarding JET Program interviews please contact the JET Program Coordinator at the Consulate (or Embassy) that you are interviewing at. Although the actual interviews are conducted using the same guidelines and at approximately the same time, specific information can differ from location to location.Visit the Embassy of Japan JET webpage: Contact Open in new window to see a contact list for each consulate and the Embassy.

If you have any questions regarding the JET Program after referencing these online resources, please contact Yayoi Shaw at: 303-297-5336 or