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JET Post-Interview Info

Remaining in contact with the JET Program Office

In addition to official correspondence sent by post, we often use e-mail to send updates and reminders. Please add the JET Program Office email address ( to your address book and make any adjustments necessary to your email preferences to ensure that messagefrom our office ( make it to your inbox. You are responsible for keeping yourself in the loop!

What happens now?

Following these interviews, assessments will be submitted to Japan where they will be reviewed in cooperation with the local institutions in Japan. The final number of successful applicants and location placements will be determined based on the number and locations of available openings this year.

When will I find out if I got accepted?

We expect to receive notification from Japan regarding successful candidates in the first part of April. We will notify you of the results by email. Please note that results will not be given over the phone and we cannot give out results early for special circumstances. All applicants will be notified around he same time across the nation. We expect confirmation from successful applicants (you) by the end of April. We will be able to share location placements by late May. If you are offered a position, you will be given access to forms and documents and other information to prepare you for your life and job in Japan.

When will I know where I'll be living?

Once your placement is determined (May), you will be contacted by your contracting organization (school, board of education, town office, etc.) in Japan. They will provide details (living arrangements, work conditions, etc.) as well as a copy of your employment contract. At this time, we also encourage and facilitate predecessors to contact their successors (you) so that situation-specific information can be shared. Every effort is made to accommodate your placement request, if you had one. However, please understand that your preference cannot be guaranteed, as it is impossible to accommodate every placement request.

Can I do anything to get ready for my potential acceptance?

- If you don't have a passport, please start the process of applying for one. Obtaining a passport can take several weeks.
- If you have a passport, it would be in your best interest to ensure your current passport will not expire during your time on JET. It is more difficult to renew your passport while overseas.

If you are accepted to the JET Program and chose to participate, you will need to submit several documents to our office. The turn-around time between accepting a position and the requirement to submit documents can be very short. In particular there are 3 documents that will take some planning and preparation on your part to get in on time.

You will receive specific instructions and forms regarding all three of these document once your acceptance to the JET Program is confirmed. Do not complete these forms in advance as they are only valid for a certain timeframe and their validity will expire if you start on these too early!

FBI ID Record

This can take up to more than 3 months to receive and requires that you have your fingerprints taken and submitted to the FBI Office. You can get your fingerprints taken at most local police stations. Obtaining your FBI Record costs $18 which you pay upon submitting your paperwork. You are responsible for this cost.

IRS Form 6166

This form can take several months to get from the IRS and you have minimal control over the speed in which it arrives. This form will ensure that you do not have to pay taxes in both the USA and Japan. Your contracting organization will request you to have this in hand upon arrival to Japan and signing your contract with them. Please send in your request form directly to the IRS the week you receive your JET Program acceptance status, assuming you intend to accept the offer of employment. The cost for obtaining your IRS 6166 is $85. You are responsible for this cost. *This tax benefit is only applicable for ALT positions.

Certificate of Health

You will need to submit a Certificate of Health form (filled out by a licensed physician) to our office sometime in June (specific date TBA). It can be difficult to get a doctor’s appointment on short notice for some people, so we recommend making an appointment to get a physical examination the week you receive your JET Program acceptance status. You will be given the Certificate of Health form at the time of the acceptance announcement in the begining of April.

What about departure?

- All participants departing through the Consulate in Denver will be traveling to Japan together following a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO).
- If you are departing from Salt Lake City, flight and hotel costs will be covered for you to participate in the PDO.
- If you become a JET, you will be asked to bring at least ¥200,000 with you to Japan to cover your daily living expenses until your first paycheck arrives. Please start any financial planning/ saving necessary to ensure this is possible.

The Consulate-General of Japan in Denver will continue making preparations for your orientation, departure to and life in Japan, so we will continue to be in very close contact with you until departure.

If you have any questions regarding the JET Program after referencing these online resources, please contact Yayoi Shaw at: 303-297-5336 or