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Consul General Ito visited Utah (April 24-25, 2015)

Nihon Matsuri Venue

With Senate President Niederhauser

With Salt Lake County Mayor McAdams

With Salt Lake City Mayor

Consul General Ito visited the state of Utah on Friday, April 24 and Saturday April 25, 2015. After paying courtesy visits to executive government officials, he attended the 10th Nihon Matsuri (Japan Festival) held on Japantown Street in downtown Salt Lake City.

On Friday April 24th, Consul General Ito paid courtesy visits to President Wayne Niederhauser of the Utah State Senate, and Mayor Ben McAdams of Salt Lake County. In both meetings, Consul General Ito offered his greetings and stated that he wishes to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the state of Utah through various aspects such as expansion of economic relations and human exchange.
President Niederhauser mentioned the significant contributions made by Japanese-American legislatures, and expressed desire to cooperate with the Consulate General as relations with Japan are very important.
Mayor McAdams commented on how active the Japanese-American community is in the state of Utah, and shared his hopes for increased exchanges with Yuzawa, Niigata, sister city to the town of Magna in Salt Lake County. 

On Saturday, April 25th, Consul General Ito attended and gave the congratulatory address at the Nihon Matsuri held on Japantown Street in downtown Salt Lake City. Consul General Ito had a brief conversation with Mayor Becker of Salt Lake City—who also attended the festival—in which he expressed his desire to contribute to the enhancement of relations between Japan and Salt Lake City.
The Nihon Matsuri Festival included traditional art performances of Japanese drums and koto, Judo and Iaido martial art demonstrations, cosplay competitions, and numerous Japanese food stalls. The venue bustled with activity as many people of Japanese and non-Japanese descent engaged in the festivities. There was also an exhibit that introduced Japanese-American history and WWII internment camp preservation projects, at which several attendees browsed displays and talked with exhibit personnel.